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※It's too hard to achieve the dream.

  In my childhood, I don’t know when I had had a dream to be a police man. So far, although I won’t be it, I still have strong sense of justice. But with the time goes and the exam-oriented system, meanwhile my brain was crammed for how to get high grade.

  And I also knew that police has several levels. The low level usually has high risk but normal salary. So maybe my dream is to be a super hero who can punish bad guys like the Superman, Batman and so forth.

  In junior school times, I began to have interest in Chinese chess. Therefore at that time, to be a professional chess player is my dream. I knew that is impossible, this is why it’s called “dream”.

  In high school times, I really don’t have a dream. A lot of schoolwork made me be more realistic, forced me to think about the future, not dream. Merely, I allow myself a bit time to play table tennis and appreciate anime.

  After college, because I was so lucky to get the most wanted school, so I just think about maintaining my level. Perhaps that time my dream is get a good job after graduate.

  Now I’m a graduate student, I hope I can write an excellent paper that can be accepted by foreign conference. Then I can go abroad to present my paper.

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xyz軟體王  xyz軟體補給站  xyz資訊工坊
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